MovieTravel offers innovative movie-based tourism experiences in European UNESCO sites for culture lovers. Travel to your favorite film locations with us and become part of the story!

Since the Lumière brothers shot the very first movie in the history of cinema, back in 1895, cinematographic images have become a crucial element for reflection upon European civilisation. With this in mind, MovieTravel aims to create itineraries and experiences of cultural traveling across European destinations that have appeared in well-renowned movies or that host international film festivals.

What is Movie Travel?

The product builds a storytelling that is unfolded across different platforms, arranging an experience that starts from a movie and, through virtual augmented reality and narratives created by experienced international travel bloggers, continues with a game.

Benefits to Stakeholders

The FAMOUS project offers the opportunity to join an international network with great possibilities of expansion in a sector that year after year improves its market share in the European economy.

About us

The project involves 8 partners from Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain, acting as a consortium.