Carlota Guerrero is the general manager of the Catalunya Film Commission. Coinciding with the great festival of Catalan cinema, the ceremony of the Gaudí Awards, Ms. Guerrero has given an interview to MovieTravel to talk about the links between audio-visual industry, land and heritage in the Spanish region of Catalonia and its capital, Barcelona.

Why do filmmakers from all over the world choose Catalonia and Barcelona as film locations?

The great diversity of locations of our land makes it difficult to give a single answer. Perhaps this diversity is one of the allures of Catalonia as a filming location. In a few kilometres we have everything that Barcelona has to offer –a great city with unique World Heritage Sites, a well-preserved old town, maritime façade, residential neighbourhoods and industrial and business areas– and a wide variety of landscapes, from beaches and coastal towns to forests, mountains or rural environments. Thus, Barcelona often works as a central point of production from which one can get in a very reasonable amount of time to completely different environments.

Is it possible to shoot in World Heritage UNESCO sites in Catalonia?

For the time being, fiction productions can be shot in all the spaces declared as World Heritage Sites in Catalonia except in the interior of Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) and Poblet monastery (Tarragona). As they are sensitive spaces, it is up to each of the managers to study the requests on a case-by-case basis and analyse the viability of the proposals based on various factors, such as the adequacy of the project, the availability and the capacity of each space.

What is the feedback from heritage managers when their buildings, areas or spaces appear in a movie?

Shooting fiction, with teams that move between 60 and 80 people on average, always implies an alteration of the normal life of a space. However, thanks to the professionalism of both the production teams and the managers of the spaces, the relationship between both worlds has been very fluid until now. UNESCO sites in Barcelona such as Palau de la Música, the Park Güell or Hospital de Sant Pau are recurring sites for filming.