It is official: the MovieTravel app is now finished and ready to be uploaded in the main download platforms. The app guides the user through six innovative routes through UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe that have appeared in films and series, or that host film festivals. It consists of 5 national and 1 transnational interactive itineraries that take advantage of smartphone features, embedding in short clips of original movies shot within the UNESCO site along different points of interest of selected destinations. The partners have designed it with the support of digital designers ETT, responsible for its development.

Tarragona, Lyon, Valletta, Genoa and the south of the Peloponnese are the sites that MovieTravel app invites to discover through an innovative experience that enables the discovery of audio-visual and historical, artistic and cultural heritage at the same time. As for the extra transnational itinerary, it has stops in all the countries represented in the FAMOUS consortium, enticing cinema lovers to discover the UNESCO destinations through screenings, panels and cinema-related events.

On the MovieTravel app, points of interest across itineraries are mapped, geo-localized and presented through multimedia content, including footage of films and series. Except for this footage, all the content has been produced by travel bloggers Happy to Wander and Denis Strickner exclusively for MovieTravel. On the ground, and with the help of the municipalities involved, the MovieTravel consortium has identified the most relevant points of the destinations: those who have not yet been discovered for the general public, and those who are part of the attractions of the destinations.

The outcome of the MovieTravel blogger experience is an original, fresh written content with the spellbinding charm that these bloggers display on their social media profiles. The videos of the destinations present its main monuments and enclaves in a dynamic way that preserves the genuineness of the traveller’s perspective.

Explore and share

A treasure hunt will lead the guest through UNESCO sites and itineraries, allowing them to interact with the destination by feeling like «in the movie». The design of the app invites the traveller to live his or her visits in an engaging and intuitive digital adventure. Every time the user finds a monument, visits a museum or walks down a marked street, they get a reward pin. The app will allow the user to take a photo in the selected point of interest and share it on their social networks. And when he or she comes home, the memory of the trip on the app may even take them to look for the film that was shot in that place, in case they hadn’t seen it. Thus, Europe’s artistic, cultural and natural heritage merges with Europe’s cinematographic culture.

All in all, the selection of the films in the MovieTravel routes is the expression of a great effort of collaboration between the partners of the MovieTravel project and the film commissions. Through contacts and constant teamwork, the partners and stakeholders have selected the movies and series that best represent their destinations, both from the aesthetical and from the cultural point of view. The same applies to film festivals. They allow travellers to achieve another of the objectives with which the MovieTravel project was born: finding ways of seasoning tourism in Europe by redirecting the interest of traditional summer destinations to its cultural life.

Can’t wait to see how the MovieTravel app looks like? Stay tuned and follow us on our social media profiles. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to download!