The announcement was made during the Showcase Conference on Tourism of the European Commission, which MovieTravel attended as guest project

On March 19, MovieTravel’s representatives presented in Brussels the destinations with UNESCO heritage that will be part of its film tourism itineraries across Europe. Lyon, La Valletta, Genoa or Mystras are some of the cities that have been selected due to their patrimonial and cinematographic value. The selection was made after crossing six databases with information about more than 500 films and an average of 150 World Heritage sites in Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Malta and Cyprus.

The announcement was made by Regione Liguria and the communication agency Inmedia during the Showcase Conference on Tourism organized by the European Commission, aimed to show the added value of projects that have received European funds. MovieTravel was one of the14 projects selected in an edition that included 200 public and private operators.

«We are in the map now. We are currently doing the on-the-ground work hand in hand with cities that represent the best of Europe as a civilization», explains the project coordinator and representative of Regione Liguria, Francesca Pischedda. «The next step is to synthesize the legacy of those places in an engaging story-telling that will pull out the best of each destination.» According to the coordinator, to have been able present the final selection of the MovieTravel’s destinations in a forum such as the Conference is undoubtedly «an achievement» that «places the project, even more, in the focus of top European operators».

Pilot test

The complete list of locations that have been selected by MovieTravel include Palazzo Rolli and the old town of Genoa (Italy), the historic center of Lyon (France), the archaeological site of Mystras (Greece), the megalithic temples of Valletta (Malta ) and the Troodos Mountains (Cyprus). As for the film festivals, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Cyprus International Film Festival CYIFF, the Valletta Film Festival and the Lumière Festival – Grand Lyon Film Festival have been selected. In the next months, the eight partners of the consortium will work together with the destinations in a pilot test with ad hoc created signage and technological solutions that will allow visitors to explore them in a playful and sustainable way, highlighting their heritage, cultural and artistic value.