What is Movie Travel

From Il Postino (Italy) to Troy (Malta, Greece), from Midnight in Paris (France) to Kingdom of Heaven (Spain), movies can actually drive us to visit places we had never seen or thought of going to before. As most of us being movie consumers, we have all experienced the fascination of watching a piece of work and think: “I want to go there”. MovieTravel makes it possible.

Based on the concept of screen tourism, MovieTravel is targeted to people traveling for culture. The project has developed a storytelling linking UNESCO sites to films, which unfolds across different platforms in a media strategy focused on delivering high-curated and worthy content. Film commissions, travel bloggers, creators and tourism offices from all over Europe have been involved to deliver an innovative app that invites the visitor to discover the very best of UNESCO cities in Europe through the eye of the camera. For the time of their stay, tourists are encouraged to become players of a unique personal treasure hunt among the artistic and historical wonders scattered across European destinations.

This approach opens a new exploitation window for the European film heritage that could serve as a way of diversification of tourism in Europe.  Through the collaboration of public and private actors, making them both relevant to a shared product framework, the project seeks market viability and effective measurable effects on target groups and destinations involved in the project.

Additionally, the project has organized five sessions of workshops in Genoa, Athens, Barcelona, Nicosia and Valletta, the MovieTravel labs. Its main target were public players and private tourism operators, who got to know about the MovieTravel routes designed for their countries and discussed opportunities to getting involved in the project as stakeholders.