Itinerary Malta


An increasing number of tourists who visit Malta choose to visit the country after watching productions featuring the islands, according to data gathered by the Malta Tourism Authority in 2015. They are interested in visiting the locations of memorable movie scenes such as Da Vince Code, Game of Thrones, Gladiator, Midnight Express or Count of Monte Cristo.

The UNESCO city of La Valletta will be part of MovieTravel’s pilot test.

La Valletta has been the starting point and the destination of a fair amount of cinematographic journeys: from Mr. Poirot’s on the Orient Express in Kenneth Branagh’s version to the deadly migration route across the Mediterranean portrayed in Simshar, among others. La Valletta was appointed ‘Capital of Culture’ in 2018.

La Valletta Film Festival will be part of MovieTravel’s pilot test.

Held at the UNESCO site of La Valletta, VFF is Malta’s largest cinematic event and attracts around 10.000 visitors each year. It has various sections, including one devoted to films from or about islands –’Islanders’– or one based on coming-of-age stories aimed at young audiences –’Teens Only’-–.