Transnational Itinerary

Film festivals are one of the most superb manifestations of Europe’s cultural diversity. MovieTravel brings together film festivals, traveling and innovative tourism in a transnational itinerary that will take you around UNESCO sites in Europe through our official app.

The festivals of Movietravel’s transnational itinerary are Ibicine (Ibiza), Lumière Festival (Lyon), Valletta Film Festival (Valletta), Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Thessaloniki,) International Cyprus Film Days (Nicosia), Genoa Film Festival (Genoa), Digital Fiction Festival (Savona), Video Festival Imperia (Imperia), Ponente International Film Festival (Ventimiglia, Bordighera and Sanremo).

Will you be able to complete the treasure hunt in Spain, France, Cyprus, Malta, Italy and Greece? Travel to all destinations to enjoy film premieres, movie-related activities and experience at first hand how cities dress up for top cinema events!

Download here a brochure of the itinerary!