Cinematographic tourism, also known as Screen Tourism, is a growing phenomenon worldwide, especially if one considers the increasingly interest in series broadcast by digital streaming platforms. As Valladolid’s declaration pointed out in 2016 “the development of a Spanish strategy to promote
cinematographic tourism is an ideal way for the creative audiovisual industries to find strategies to promote culture and territories”.

Within this context, Tarragona has been the Spanish destination chosen by the MovieTravel consortium that manages the movie tourism routes in Europe – represented in Spain by Inmedia – to implement the pilot test. The fact that the city has important UNESCO heritage sites as well as the fact that it has been the film set of internationally well-known movies or television series are the main reasons behind this choice.

In the last few years, the ancient city of Tarraco has become one of the most requested sets in our country. Many films have been set in the city such as Guillermo del Toro-produced “Julias’s eyes” directed by Guillem Morales and many successful series broadcast by Netflix such as “Cathedral of the sea” adapted from Ildefonso Falcones’s historical novel La Catedral del Mar. With MovieTravel, the destination is equipped with a promotional tool that emphasizes the values of sustainability and cultural heritage, thereby helping to establish an effective emotional connection with tourists.

The impact of cinematographic tourism has an obvious effect on the local economy, not only for the direct benefit generated by the increase of film productions in certain locations, but also for the increasing number of visitors in places where scenes have been shot, thereby contributing to enhance the destination’s reputation. For the President of the Municipal Board of Tourism of Tarragona, LauraCastel “Being part of a European project like MovieTravel is an honor. Cinematographic tourism is a worldwide trend and has already proven to be a powerful tool for the promotion of the territory, which is why this type of initiatives help us to strengthen, project and grow the Tarragona brand internationally”.

Josep Palau, CEO of Inmedia, the communication agency responsible for MovieTravel in our country, stated that «with MovieTravel we have a winning horse multiplied by two”. The UNESCO heritage brand itself is attractive, but the fact that one can visit an exceptional place knowing that it has been part of the story of a good film, is even more so.»

What is Movie Travel?

MovieTravel offers itineraries and cultural travel experiences to European destinations with UNESCO World Heritage sites where several films and TV shows have been shot as well as to European cities that regularly host international film festivals.

With a clear international and cross-border orientation and with the support of the European Commission, MovieTravel has built over the last two years anextensive partnership network that includes organizers of film festivals, audiovisual production companies, film commissions, official tourism promotion agencies, private companies, among others. The development phase of this
European project is completed, but the network remains active and open to the other possible partners who want to generate opportunities and create synergies.

In addition, the digital solution developed is now offered to all those municipalities that want to join the initiative, thereby gradually completing a map of film productions and destinations that is fully interactive, which is something that had never been done in the sector before.

How to enjoy Movie Travel?

MovieTravel relies on a specific signage that is installed in each city or region, The associated APP allows you to access information about different points where the footages have been shot, watch film fragments in the same places where they have been filmed, get extra information, curiosities, etc. The option also gives access to elements of augmented reality, which are accessible through promotional materials that can be distributed either conventionally or via social networks. A great part of the contents of the app has been developed based on a Bloggers’ Experience in order to give it a fresher style and draw the attention of young audiences. MovieTravel has already started in Tarragona (Spain), Lyon (France), Valletta (Malta), Genoa (Italy) and Mistras (Greece, Peloponnese).