Film festivals are one of the most superb manifestations of Europe’s cultural diversity. MovieTravel brings together film festivals, traveling and innovative tourism in a transnational itinerary that will take you around UNESCO sites in Europe through our official app. Let’s discover them!

Ibicine (Ibiza). Ibicine brings short films to the island of Ibiza on a stage that year after year grows in talent and international impact. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since 1999, Ibiza is the perfect place to disconnect from the big cities in a natural environment in which the blend of the sea and the mountain has given rise to an ecosystem unparalleled in the world.

Lumière Festival (Lyon). Since 2009 the Lumière Festival, dedicated to the 7th art and open to the general public, has become one of the largest international festivals of classic cinema. Once a year in Lyon, the birthplace of the Cinematograph, the cinema world celebrates the vitality and memory of film, taking a contemporary journey through works of the past

Valletta Film Festival (Valletta). For ten days, Europe’s smallest capital city transforms every summer into an open cinema with screenings and events happening at different squares and other historical buildings. Valletta Film Festival is Malta’s largest cinematic event and attacks around 10,000 visitors each year.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Thessaloniki). The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is the top film festival of South Eastern Europe. It is a dissemination platform for the year Greek productions, and the primary and oldest festival in the Balkans for the creations of emerging filmmakers.

International Cyprus Film Days (Nicosia). The official competition fiction film festival of the island of Cyprus. It aims not only to broaden its appeal within the geographical boundaries of Cyprus, but to attract both industry and audiences from abroad by becoming a cinematographic meeting point.

Liguria festivals. Liguria’s four film festivals are in MovieTravel’s transnational itinerary. Riviera International Film Festival (Sestri Levante), Digital Fiction Festival (Savona), Video Festival Imperia (Imperia), Ponente International Film Festival (Ventimiglia, Bordighera and Sanremo) represent the flourishing cultural industries of a region full of artistic wonders.

Will you be able to complete the treasure hunt in Spain, France, Cyprus, Malta, Italy and Greece? Travel to all destinations to enjoy film premieres, movie-related activities and experience at first hand how cities dress up for top cinema events!